Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Update on my other blog site

Hey everyone, yes I know it's weird to just say "everyone", but that's all my brain can process right now. Yeah, watching Megamind will do that to you...

Anyhoo, I thought I'd see if you guys would like to see what I've done to the front page of my blog site on Weebly.

I know that checking 9 blogs on one site each day to see if I have posted must be really annoying. So I decided to make it easier for you guys to see when I've updated and done another post.

Instead of seeing this when you click onto the home page... (click for a larger picture)

You now see this! (also click on to make larger)

So now you can see the top 10 posts that I've done, on any of the blogs.

You see the blog that it was posted on, and then the link to the post.

Tell me what you think!

Signed with orange chocolate - Leauphaun

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