Friday, June 29, 2012

News. Please Read. It may change your life. Or not. But it will change this blog.

I have reciently found that I don't have enough space on Blogger for all my interests. That is, all the photos take up space in my Picasa album, which only gives me 1GB of free space. And my Drawings Blog takes up my priority space (not to mention it has had almost 70,000 views, so it's my most popular blog). So that means that I need to free up space so that I can continue to post on that blog.
For that reason, I'm switching to Weebly for my thoughts blog. Here is an overview of what I created through Weebly.

Here is a close up of the header.

So, as you can see, I've added many more pages to my site that I had blogs, such as, Girl Stuff (things girls talk about, duh)
No, this is where I blog about things that interest me that guys might not find that interesting. Just so they don't have to see that I've done a post then find out that I've blogged about my recient favorite nail polish!
There is also my Media page where I post my YouTube videos. Tasty Nibbles is where I post recipies that I've made, or enjoyed, and pictures of the end results. Who knows what other blogs I'll add to this site that I don't have up now.
But for those of you who follow all my blogs, You'll see that I have a Photography, Drawings, Other Artwork, and Daremo Illistruation (formaly known as COLLABORATION. It's under the "more" section). I also need to add just a "Thoughts" blog so that I can just post without sticking it into any other blog.

Oh, and I've added Books and Nooks, which is where I'll be spending most of my time updating. Lol, I lover reading, so you'll see lots of book reviews on there. I also post a WICR, "What I'm Currently Reading", on top of the flower picture and attach a link to the author's website/blog. This is currently my favorite blog. Well, it's tied with "Girl Stuff".

I also find that this looks more professional, though I don't know why I would want it to look more professional. I just do.

So, let me know what you think about my new site, and since it's through Weebly, it doesn't have a Blogger (as in BLOGGER blogger) follow button. That I know of yet. If you now any sort of follow mechanisim that Weebly has, without upgrading to a pro account, please let me know.

Or if you have any helpful tips, or things that could make my site better, come back to this blog and leave me a comment about what you think needs changing/added.

For those of you who wan't to check out my site, here's the link.
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