Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book Review - The Mystery of the Silver Coins

Book 2 in "The Viking Quest" series
Caution: Contains Spoilers

 Bree and another young prisoner make a daring escape from the Viking ship. Soon they face a physical and spiritual battle for survival on a Norwegian mountainside. What will they eat? Where can they hide? How will they fin the courage to win? Leading the search is a prideful young Viking Mikkel who was certain that Bree stole his bag of silver coins. Can she forgive the people who changed her life? And what about Mikkel as he started to wonder, Is the god of these Irish Christians really more powerful than our own Vikings gods?
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Bree escapes with her friend, Lil, into the woods, with little on their backs but the clothes on their backs. Because Lil is only eight years old, they have to travel slower than Bree thinks is safe, and they have to don disguises, hide in caves, and catch their own fish. All seems well, what with Mikkel not seeming to be following them, when Lil fall ill. Bree must choose weather to leave Lil, and get help at the seaport, their destination, or to go back to Mikkel. For, while they were slaves, they were treated well, and were warm.

Bree ends up getting caught by Mikkel, and because of his promise to protect her, didn't punish her. However, he didn't believe that she didn't steal his bag of silver coins. She proves him wrong by helping him catch the person who stole the coins.

Mikkel prays to Bree's God for the first time, Bree is angry at God for answering his prayer, and not hers. She feels like she, because she wants freedom, and that she is a stronger Christian, that her prayers overrule Mikkel's. What she doesn't realize, is that because of her escape, Mikkel takes his first step towards God. She too learns that God doesn't always answer prayers the way we want.

I think that there was a lack of movement on Bree's side of the story, but the Devin's side of the story makes up for it. A little.

3/5 stars.

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