Monday, April 2, 2012

The Fourth, and Final, Day At Collage - My Second Year

The fourth day at the Collage was the best day. I managed to complete my Terminator head, as well as get further on my Dragon.
I finally felt like I had the program under control, and could function without hicups like I had had before this. I learned how to mesh different pieces of clay together so that I can get the correct shapes.
Here is the dragon that I finished with. Mind you that it's uncompleted, but the only reason I'm not continuing, is because I don't have the program.

As far as the Terminator head goes, I finished (to the best of my limited abilities) it off. We got taught how to apply materials--metals, rough textures--to the clay.
I finished the human side of the head, including the eye, eyebrow and eyelashes. On the cyborg side of the head, I applied 4-7 different metals to give it a realistic feel. The lit up parts of the head are just done with paint, much to everyone's surprise. Take a look.

I didn't take a picture of the back of the head, because there is really nothing to see.
The final thing we learned was to render videos that show the models in 3D mode. Here are the two videos, that I rendered, one of the dragon and one of the Terminator head. Sorry for the low quality, but that is how Blogger's video uploader is.
So this is what I get to see as I'm working on it, but within ZBrush, you can rotate the model any which way you want.

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