Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Update To Top Them All

Hello, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Wizards, Ninja, Other People, Geese, Friends, and Rabbit Extermination crew.
I know I've been really bad with doing posts on this blog, but this one will (hopefully) be worth the update.
It has to do with...
*staged whisper*
R a b b i t s . . .

About how they seem to be FOLLOWING ME AROUND!!! THEY ARE EVIL!!

(fake) Disclaimer: If you love rabbits, and/or are affiliated with them, I feel sorry for you, and will sick a goose on you to rid you of the parasite that has taken over your mind, and is now controlling you.

(real) DISCLAIMER: This is a fun joke that is between a few people. I'm not saying that anyone with these pictures/company's are bad, or wrong. It is a joke for a few of us, and I wanted to share it with them. No offence to anyone.

I know it's getting nearer to Easter, but why does the whole "Rabbit taking over the entire world scheme" have to happen? It doesn't, you say? Well here are just a few picture of real evidence that one of the top spy's of *GRIT found out.

So, dog's are just as gullible as we think... (this has no personal reflection on my opinions of dogs)

The world is trying to get us to build things for "them"...

And Garfield knows that something is wrong with them... why do you think he keeps on trying to get rid of John's slippers?

Photo Credit: Jim Davis

 And the comic strip (also created by Jim Davis) US Acers, is definitely blinded by the effects of the bunny's... Everyone knows that it's Ninja, not Ninjas, and, Bunny and Ninja do NOT belong in the same sentence with each other. 
Photo Credit: Jim Davis
Have I made my point?? I rest my case...

Signed with unleaded lead - Leauphaun

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