Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day Two at Collage - My Second Year

Today, fellow Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Wizards, Ninja, Other People, Geese, Friends, and Rabbit Extermination crew, was way more fun than yesterday. Today, I finally got the hang of ZBrush. Not that I know everything--oh no, so far from that--but I feel like I can get around ZBrush without having the teacher tell me how to get everywhere/everything.

I started the day with a penguin. Yes, a penguin. He's so cute! I love him! I may finish him, but I'm not counting on it, as I have lots to do in just two days.

This is the first stage of the penguin, Humfrey. Ignore the circles on the screen, they are just my brush.

This is what Humfrey looks like when he's turned into clay.
Side view

I did Humfrey in about half an hour. I also worked on the dragon some more, but ended up forgetting to take a picture of it *smacks self on the head*.

The next thing we did was a head sculpture. This time we were to copy a picture and replicate it to the best of our abilities. We were given a head, male, that we were supposed to transform. I choose to do a female Terminator. So I spent the next long while working on this male head, trying and trying to convert it into a female. I looked for a brush in the brush menu, and saw that there was a female head that I could click and drag into the program. Feeling quite stupid, I did that, and trashed my other sculpture.
I then found some reference pictures, and started whacking, pulling, smoothing, squashing at the head.

This is what I came up with at the end of the day (about 4 hours) It's not quite finished, the hair still needs work, and I need to put in here eye, plus some more stuff.

Front view
Left side view

 Right side view
 Back view
 Close up of front view
Close up of 3/4 view.

So that is what I did today.

I quite enjoyed putting in all the detail, but I would like to change a few things, like her eye. She has no 'offical' eye.

That's all I'll say, because if I do anymore, I'll have been on a computer for about 7 hours :)
Signed with Muck - Clayface... er, Leauphaun

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