Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day Three at the Collage - My Second Year

Day three held more of the same stuff that went on in Day 2; working on our main project some more. Since I was finished with sculpting my head, I went into painting it. First we got instruction on how to paint in ZBrush, than we got to apply it to our projects.
I worked on the human side of Terminator first, because I knew what I wanted to do. I worked on getting the skin tones correct, which was a challenge at first because there weren't as many options for blending as there is in Photoshop. It was quite hard to get the correct dark tones, as well as blending tones from the lips to the skin. In fact, I didn't even use a blend option to mix the skin tones together. I just used pale shades of color.
The hair was a completely different matter. This isn't even the color I wanted, but it is what I ended up getting, as her skin is way to pale for her to have dark hair. Though, most redheads do have paler skin...

The low parts of the metal side of the head I painted black to look like it dips in more than what it really is. This is what I finished with at the end of the day.

Signed with Lashes - Leauphaun

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