Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BEST. DAY. EVER! (Part 2)

If you haven't already read the first part of this post, please read it here.

   So the Newsboys came back for an encore, which they played 2 songs instead of one, one of them being Jesus Freak from Tait's dcTalk days. After they left the stage completely, the lights came on and us VIP'rs got rounded up, and we headed back to the locker room. We all took our previous seats, and Eldra and I started chatting with the couple beside us, whom we talked with before. We all kind of spazzed. Then the announcer came in. "Ok, guys," he said, "I'm going to try to talk quieter because of how loud it was, but since TFK is tired, can we all stay in our seats as they come around? Thanks." He then exited the room. Eldra and I looked at each other and squealed. I frantically gathered my artwork, than realized that the people next to the door would some of the last people to meet TFK. I thought quickly, and told Eldra that that was where I wanted to be because, if we were at the end of the 'line/circle' we would have more time to talk with them without holding the other people up. I asked the couples around us if they didn't mind trading spots with us. Because all of us were kind of giddy about meeting them, it was quite easy to barter with them.
  Then TFK entered the room.
  It exploded with quieted cheers.
  Trevor McNevan led the way, stopping and chatting with every person, some people longer than others, as did Steve, Joel and Ty. When they got halfway around the room, Ty got talking with a couple of people and got left behind. Trevor, Steve and Joel arrived at the couple next to us while Ty was still half way across the room ^_^ Lol.

   Trevor finished talking with the couple, and turned towards Eldra and I. "Hey guys! Oooh, rocking the TFK," he said, smiling as he glanced over our attire. I was wearing the TFK t-shirt I acquired at YC Alberta 2010, while Eldra was wearing my TFK hoodie. Eldra and I both laughed and shook hands with all three of them, swapping introductions. We both got out our newly bought t-shirts for him, Joel and Steve to sign, which they did. We also asked them to sign the posters of them (which, ironically, was the same picture as the one on the t-shirts...). Meanwhile Ty just made it past the three-quarter mark of the room. I decided  to start showing them the drawings. The cool part is Eldra got most of their reaction on video so I'll try to repeat it word-for-word.
   I started with Joel. I first told him that he got to choose a drawing to take back home with him, then displayed the drawings. A gasp escaped Joel, while Trevor laughed in amazement. He looked up at me and asked, 'Can I seriously take one?" I reassured him that he could take one. This is the one he took.  ->

   I asked him if he could then sign the other drawing. "Absolutely," he replied, taking the cap off his pen. "That looks just like him too," Trevor said, pointing to the drawing that I wanted signed. I handed the other drawing to Joel as he repeated Trevor by saying, "And that looks just like me too". Trevor and Eldra laughed at his imitation. "That's awesome. You are seriously talented," Trevor said. Here is where I wish I said 'Thank you', but instead I said, "Well, like Manafest said, 'I'm created to create'." :/

 "So here's Steve," I said, displaying these two drawings.  "Yeeeah," Trevor laughed out as I congratulate Steve, whose wife just gave birth do his second daughter. "Thank you," he said before looking at the drawings. He examined them as I explained different things about them. Trevor laughed behind his hand. "She even nailed the hair..." he said quietly, just as I explained that hair is quite hard for me to do. Steve chose the upper drawing, then signed the other one. Joel looked at the back of the his drawing and noticed that the date it was completed on was recent. I told him that all the drawings were done in the past two weeks.
   Trevor thoughtfully asked if I had a card. Embarrassed, I told them that I do, but didn't have any on me, and the pieces of paper that I did write my email/blog address on were in my friends bag. So embarrassing!! Trevor said that I needed to write something down in case they ever needed something else done... (wow) That meant that Trevor asked me to give him my email...never thought I'd see the day...

  I saw that Ty still hadn't made his way over to us so I moved onto Trevor's pieces. I gave him the option of choosing between a drawing and a painting.

   A smile appeared on his face as he took the painting in his hands. "It looks way better, man..." he started to say but trailed off as he saw the drawing. Wow, he mouthed as he moved closer to me to study the drawing. "Those veins are rocking, wow! This is crazy!" he said, touching the veins on the drawing.

   "So you have the choice of a drawing or a painting," I said, thinking he was going to take the drawing. "Well, this is on a canvas, so I don't want to take it if you want it," he said hesitantly, shifting the painting in his hand. "Oh, trust me, I can do it again," I said quickly. "Well, if that's ok then I'll take this one," he said, looking down at the painting. Eldra suggested that I write my email on the back of the painting, so I did that as Trevor signed the drawing for me.
  And this is where I almost just 'talked' or 'babbled' as I like to say. Eldra said I didn't talk all that much, but I know I was just rambling! But I'm blaming it on it being past 11pm, my wounded tongue (I bit it really hard right after the TFK concert. It bled a lot!), and the start of a cold. That's my story and I'm sticking with it!
   A funny thing that I continue to laugh at is that when Trevor gave me his marker to write my email and blog on the back of his painting, I wrote both of them down, gave the painting back to him, but didn't give him the marker back. So as we're talking, I, always having to close pens after using them, struggled to pull the cap off of the marker. When I finished attempting to pull the cap off, I hand it back to Trevor, telling him that he put it on too tight. LOL!! The funny part is that I didn't notice that I was trying to twist the cap off  ^_^ 

I love this drawing so much it's my profile
here on blogger  ^_^
  I don't remember what happened next, because Eldra stopped filming, but I think that Trevor excused himself to talk with the remaining two people that were waiting. But what happened after I will NEVER forget!! The best reaction to a drawing I've EVER gotten!!
  Ty came over to see what all the commotion was about. Steve showed him the drawing I did of him. "Oh WOW!" he said, laughing, a huge smile on his face. "Dude, those are, wow, those are even better looking..." He trailed off because he was laughing so hard (in amazement).
   "Ty, you're not left out," I said, taking out the remaining two drawings. "Are you kidding me?" he asked. "But there's one you have to take because you can't sign it 'cuz there's no room," I admitted. He immediately sobered up, pushing a dreadlock aside. "'K. Deal." He shrugged, looked over at the camera and gave it a confused half-smile half-"I'm scared" look.
   "Ok so there's this, and this." I pulled out both the drawings. "Oh my gosh, WOW! Holy smokes, that looks awesome!" he exclaimed, a shocked look on his face. Trevor looked over from where he was talking with the two fans. "Old-school, Ty," Trevor laughs before turning back. "Yeah, that's me before the 'dreads." Ty pointed to the older drawing.
   "So you have to take this one, otherwise you have to sign your cheek," I stated. A bigger grin expanded on his face "Ok, deal! That's awesome, I can't believe...wow! How long does it take you to do one of those?"

Ty before his dreadlocks
The one he signed
for me.
   It was there that my mind completely blanked on me. I told him that it depends on the drawing. Ones like the Trevor drawing took me anywhere from a couple of hours up to two days. "That's it??" Ty said. "Dude, she got it man."
   "This one I completed in less than two hours! SO EASY!" I said. Ty dipped his head in amazement "Your kidding me?!"
   I told him that I was doing this one again, I loved it so much. "Yeah, yeah, do another! That's awesome." Ty encouraged. He then asked for my name. When I told him, he said he recognized me from some pictures on Facebook. That is where the video ended.
    Joel and Steve joined Trevor to talk with the remaining two people. Ty took the drawing in his hand to look at it closer. He kept on saying how much it looked like him. "Some people who draw, can get the drawings to look good, but there is something missing in their drawings," Ty said thoughtfully. I explained to him that it's because most people put the eyes in first because they can't stand seeing the person they're drawing without eyes.
   "Eyes are what makes the person come alive. If you put them in first, your drawing will turn out worse than if you put the eyes in last. Because if you put the eyes in first, you slack on the rest of the drawing because the eyes already look like them. But if you put the eyes in last, you will already have made everything else look like them. When you put the eyes in, it completes them," I explained quickly.
   "Yes, that's exactly it!" Ty tapped me on the shoulder in agreement. I think he was happy that it was clear to him now... >_>  :)
   We talked for a few minutes more, then he went and signed the posters for the two women. He came back and we talked about some personal stuff. Ty asked me if I ever thought about being a tattoo artist. I told him, "No, but I have designed a tattoo for a character in my sister's book."
   Then Ty called the three of them back so I can give/show them the two huge paintings. I had them placed together face to face, so I pulled out the one they'd see first. It was the one I wanted signed because it was the album cover and not the painting of the three of them.

   Steve's signature is on the right bottom corner (right above my signature), with Joel's right above it. Ty's next to her hair on the left hand side, and Trevor's right below the Welcome. Trevor signed his with 'T-Rawk, Thx! Thx!. YOU RULE!!'
   Trevor was excited to be taking the painting of the three of them (Steve, Joel and Trevor) back to his studio. It's funny though. I noticed that Ty and Joel were more attracted to drawings, while Steve and Trevor were drawn more to paintings. I told Trevor that he could take the painting back to his studio, if it wasn't too much trouble taking it on flights. He said that it'd be no problem to take it back home. And that is where the final video ended :(.
   Trevor thanked me again, than opened his arms for a hug, which I gladly took (hey! What can I say... It's Trevor). Joel came up and gave me a hug as well. Ty and I went to hug just as Eldra and Joel went to hug, so all four of us did a dodge-one-another move. Ty and I backed up so Joel could go through, laughed, then hugged! Ty also hugged Eldra, as I shook hands with Steve (I don't know why he didn't hug... but ok). We said our good-bye's as TFK exited the room. I noticed that TFK was out before us, and I told them so just as they left the room. Eldra and I gathered our things than, being the last fans there, exited ice level, and returned to the merchandise level.
   We met up with our family again. Eldra and I milled around because the rest of our family were now waiting for TFK. We ended up walking into, Melanie, Chris, Bodan and Travis as they packed up their merch. The band greeted us. We talked for a few minutes, I took pictures of their bass player, and said our goodbye's. Meanwhile, my dad and brother were waiting for TFK. They told me this story after.
   My dad was taking pictures of TFK, as my brother got them to sign his t-shirt. Because Trevor's voice was out, he only smiled and patted Goose on the shoulder. When Goose got to Ty, he asked him to sign his shirt. Ty nodded, smiled, and took the shirt. "This is the artist's brother," my dad said, pointing to Goose. Ty's eyes widened in recognition. "Your sister's amazing!!" he said in awe-struck voice. Goose and Dad laughed. Neither Goose or I remember what happened. My mom asked for a picture of us with the band. Goose stood beside Trevor, Eldra in front of Steve and Ty, with me being on Ty's right.
   We thanked the band and, it being past midnight, headed for the exit of the building. Goose opened the door, and who should be walking behind us, but Bodan. Carrying a heavy rubbermaid container filled with t-shirts. "Just keep that open," he called to Goose. So we end up walking and talking with Bodan. He said he couldn't wait to come back, so I told him that Chris was already planning on coming back to were I live next year. "OH! I can't wait for that!" he exclaimed. We say our final goodbye to him, and head for our vehicle.
   Because my aunt and uncle joined up with us about half way through the show, we ended up talking with them for another twenty minutes before finally getting in our vehicle. Then drove for a half hour to get home.
   Eldra and I didn't get into bed until after 2AM!!

GAAAA!!! It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!! I arrived with 15 pieces of artwork, and left with 8. I LOVE IT!!!! :)
I wish I could have filmed the entire experience from start to finish, but, alas, it doesn't work that way. But there you have it! It. Is. FINISHED!!
I may eventually post the videos somewhere, so you awesome people can see the reactions. I don't know.

A week later, I posted the pictures on Facebook, and Travis, Bodan and Melanie used my drawings for their profile pictures! Not only that, but Travis's wife told me that their getting my drawing framed and it's getting hung somewhere in their house.

THEN, Melanie (Manafest's wife), did a blog post on her blog, about my drawings, and that the band wanted to thank me for them. AMAZING!! I didn't think that this one concert would've become this big!!

And I'm not bragging, I'm just really excited and want to share it with you.
Signed with a sharpie - Leauphaun


Vrenith said...


Sorry. Couldn't help myself. ;)

Yeah, I totally agree about that focusing too much on the eye! While they eye is important, and if you don't get it right it won't be the same personality as the picture, the rest of it is important, too. I spend just as much (a lot of the time more) time on the rest of the features as the eyes. On the one I did (the only good person I've done) I'm glad I didn't just focus on the eyes. In fact, they didn't take that long to look right, and the rest took longer. The eyes are very important, but so are the rest of the features!!! :D

My teacher gave the example that she's seen a lot of good artists' work look unfinished because they don't want to take the time on certain parts, such as the hair. My teacher works the hair over and over and... well, over. ;)


*sniffs* Not sure what to say... I'm proud of ye!! Even though I'm younger. ;)


Leauphaun said...

Hehehe, that's ok =D

Yeah, the eye IS important, but, like you said, the rest of the features are as well. I know that I spend way more time with the rest of the features then I used to. Like for the Gandalf drawing. If I had done it a few years ago, I would've whipped that drawing up and left this beard light and scraggly, and not use my darker pencils.
OH I DID!!! :)
Awwww, thank you!!! *sniffs* Now you're going to make me cry... :')

Age has nothing to do with friendship :) That I'm glad for.

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Yeah... if you give a blob a certain person's eyes, EXACTLY like their eyes, it won't look like them at all! Even if you recognize them... this happens, except at a much lower scale. ;)

Me too... *sniffs*

Agreed!! :)


Regollin said...

Wow! That's amazing! I never thought about drawing the eyes last... Great tip! I hope to see the pictures soon!
I think I'll go listen to TFK now :D

God bless! :)

Leauphaun said...

It was all planned by God, Regollin, that I'm sure of. But it IS an amazing story :)
I've even had Ty ask me on Facebook to help him with his artwork... that was an amazing day.

Yeah, it's something my previous art teacher instilled in me at an early age. Always do the eyes last, because they are the windows to the soul. Even to this day, after all these years, I WILL NOT do the eyes until last. I may put the pupils in just to make sure that the eyes line up, but I will never fill in the iris'.

Thanks for the comments - Leauphaun

Mal said...

Wow....that is soooo amazing!!! I'm so glad that you had such an amazing experience!!!! Haha the closest I've ever gotten is meeting Trevor in a dream :)
Wow....that's just incredible :)
-mal :)

Mal said...

Did you ever post the videos anywhere? I would LOVE to see them - seriously, it would make my day :)
-mal :)

Leauphaun said...

Haha, again, I truly know this was a God orginized moment! Thanks!! Aww, I was like that until 2010 where I met him at YC Alberta... he is SUCH a nice guy, very thoughtful... he makes you feel as if you have been friends with him for a long time, he's just that type of guy =)

No, I haven't posted them anywhere, but I'm thinking of posting them on YouTube. So, if and when I do, I'll send you the link =D

I'm so glad you liked this post! Thanks for the comment... I got so excited when I saw the post you commented on =D

- Leauphaun