Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pizza Party + Manafest Concert: 2011


Yes, fellow Elves, Dwarves, Other People and Ninja.
Eldra, Goose, a friend of Gooses' and I, had a pizza party. With Manafest!
Ok, ok, maybe I should start at the beginning.
Saturday evening I randomly checked Manafest's tour dates to see when he was going to be playing nearest to where I live. To my utter astonishment I look to see that in 3 days he was going to be in MY CITY. Where I live it is more unusual to have bigger bands come, but the occasional band will drop in.
So I checked for the price of tickets, but couldn't find any prices on the website. My mom ended up calling the church and asking for more information. She found out that it was not only a Manafest concert, but a pizza party also. The deal? It was only $5 (per person) for the entire thing!!

Eldra and I decided to surprise our brother with the concert. We told him he was going for a haircut (which he HATES to get) and he was pretty disappointed. But that morning we dragged him to his room and turned on the video cameras. He was nervous at first when we cornered him and started filming him. We told him that he was no longer going for a haircut but going to a pizza party, to which he raised an eyebrow and said nonchalantly, 'cool'...with Manafest. His eyes bugged out for a second, than he got a disbelieving look on his face. He didn't think that we were telling the truth. We had to get our mom to confirm it before he actually got excited. :) I guess the jokes on us, eh Eldra??

Tuesday = Concert day :)

We arrive at the church and see that not even 100 people were going to be attending the concert. That means...mosh-pit!!! There wasn't even enough people for a legit mosh-pit, but it was still awesome :)

When the band came out the audience couldn't have been more awkward!! Half of the crowd didn't know whether to clap or cheer, or just be quiet when the Travis (the drummer) and Bodan (The guitarist) came out. It wasn't until Manafest came out that the cheering was loud. Totally awkward!!! :P

Manafest had some funny lines throughout the evening. I'm sure that, for those of you who have seen him on this tour, have seen/heard most of the same stuff. Like when he was talking about his Japan tour, he spouted off some words in Japanese which had the crowd in hysterics.
Manafest also had some advice for the guys. Today was him and his wife's 8th wedding anniversary which he had to give up to play for us. His advice?? Happy wife, happy life :)

Since I had already seen Manafest with this concert setup I could focus on other parts of the concert instead of just him. My favorite part of the concert was, believe it or not, the guitar. I love how the guitar parts sound live in comparison to the studio. I have been wanting to learn to play guitar for quite some time, and this concert just confirmed it. Well, having Bodan (the guitarist) encourage me to pick it up was the ticket ;)

So all-in-all the concert was awesome.

After the concert ended the pizza was brought out along with the band. Eldra treated me to a Manafest T-shirt so that we could get the band's signatures. THANKS ELDRA!!!!!!
I ended up showing Manafest this drawing, which he signed for me :)

Something funny happened. When I showed Chris the drawing of him he remembered me from YC Alberta 2010, and told me that other people had seen my drawing and done their own versions from it. I was bumfuzzled!!!!!! I had no idea that my drawing had that sort of an impact on other artists.

Like Eldra said in her post, we (Eldra, Goose our friend and I) were waiting outside for my mom and dad to pick us up when Chris came around with the band trailer to load the equipment up. He honked his horn at us and waved. We waved back and I hollered at him "Don't crash the van!" (he crashed the trailer before ).
He rolled down his window and said to us, jokingly, "Want to come on tour with me?"
Goose replied with "ROAD TRIP, ROAD TRIP!" while the rest of us cheered.

I ended up getting pictures of Bodan and Travis to draw, so look out for those soon!!!!!
*sighs happily*

I know that that wasn't the most well written post ever, but I'm so excited!!! I'm sorry :3

Signed with a blueberry - Leauphaun


Eldra said...

PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

Why a blueberry? Why not a cherry?

Squeaks said...

Party time totally!! :D That's so cool that you guys live like...the next city over from me!! I'm in V-town (well 40min out of it towards the boonies in the west) while you live in K-town (or roundabout there) :P way cool XD

This sounds like sooo much fun :D I had a blast on Monday :P the audience was pretty awkward then too...half of them were under the age of like...15 lol XD and they didn't know what to do. We'd get the fists pumpin in the air and then half way through the song they'd fizzle out and the audience would just stare at Manafest lol...pretty awkward XD but w/e it was fun. They got 4 kids up on the stage to do some dancin' with Manafest, which was sooo rad. Two folks I know got up :P and Travis threw one of his drumsticks into the crowd...sadly I didn't catch it :( :P

That's so epic about your drawing though!! :D Way cool!


Eldra said...

There were three people dancing up on stage for us (I think it was Bring the Rukus), but Travis didn't throw any drum sticks. :(

We really have to meet up some time. Maybe we should meet before the A.W. in Sept? Idk, just an idea.

Squeaks said...

That would be really cool! If we're ever down that way I'll let you know. Sometimes we have youth group events where we drive down for the evening to go mini golfing or something :P but our youth group has slowed up for the I'm not sure what's goin on. Anywho, but if you're ever up our way let me know! If not then we'll aim for A.W. :D should be epic!

Leauphaun said...

@ Squeeks
Yeah, we SO have to meet up!!!!
Yup, here in K-Town, rockin it!

Haha, the same sort of thing happened with us too...pretty awkward!! =D

LOL, I just remember something! When Manafest asked the kids to come up he said, "I want to see some DANCING, not just this twiching thing" He then did a spazzy-twiching thing with his body. SO funny :) After that the kids really started dancing!!

Hehehe =D Thanks!!

- Leauphaun

Leauphaun said...

HAHAHA! I commented just as you published yours :)

Definitaly!! Just let us know and we'll be there!!

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Ah, MANAFEST!! Lucky ducky smucky mud... >_> And Squeaks living only a city away?! Get some pictures of her horses for me... >_> *wink wink*

Haha, what a great experience. :) While I was sitting in a swivel-ish chair drawing my heart away, I had no idea... :) Hope you had an awesome time!

Ah, yes, and Jake hates haircuts too... >_> But you know, every once in awhile, mom just *has* to get rid of the caveman hair (Manny's name). ;)


Leauphaun said...

Yup :)
Hahaha, "lucky ducky smucky mud". That is ingenious!!!!
I'll try, if I ever get up to her place.

It was AWESOME!!!

Haha, our brothers' are so much alike!

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Thankee. ;) It came as I typed it. XD

Okay. :)


Yes, they are. Extremely alike. :)

Mal said...

That's so cool that you met Christ Greenwood! I really like the Chase album :) And TFK, wow, :) I love anything Trevor McNevan does :)
-mal :)

Leauphaun said...

It is!! I believe it was a God given concert... I shouldn't have even been looking at Manafest's site, but I decided to spur-of-the-moment, and the concrt was, I think, between 3-6 days later. Truly amazing!

I TOTALLY AGREE. TFK... Totally Fantastic Krew, haha ;) You and I sound a lot alike =D He is such an awesome guy!

- Leauphaun