Thursday, July 7, 2011

Five Questions On Your Reading

The 'Five questions on your reading' Tag!!!
Created by Ryebrynn

Question One: How many average books do you read in one day?
Between 1-3, but it depends on what the page range of the 'book'

Question Two: What are your Favorite books?
The Door Within books

Question Three: What is your Favorite author?
 Wayne Thoman Battson (WTB), and Sigmund Brower

Question Four: Do you like Non-fiction or fiction?
Both, but I like way more fiction than non-fiction

Question Five: Do you quote quotes from the books you read?
FOOL OF A TOOK!! Of course, my precious. Of course, my love

I now pass this tag on to anyone who wants to take this tag on!

Signed with fairy dust - Leauphaun


Vrenith said...

Sigmund Brower, Sigmund Brower... OH, it sounds extremely familiar... did he write Magnus? Or what was it... I can't even remember if that was the right name for the book! I need to read it again... >_>

WTB, woot woot!

Great post, and methinks I shall do this tag... >_> And watch out for a post coming up. More than just a tag post. :)


Leauphaun said...

He should be! He wrote the Mars Diaries, Accidental Dectective series, and a bunch of novels that I haven't read yet. :)
No, he didn't write that book.

I know. WOOT WOOT! O_O ^_^

Thank you! Can't wait!

- Leauphaun

Creative Artist said...

Heh. Yes, I know of him. But I asked Jake, and methinks he did write Magnus. :P I think that they also printed it under a new name, though, but I don't know the name. We met a guy who told us about the book, once. :) He really liked Sigmund Brower.

WTB is Epic. Don't forget the *ahem* capitalization of epic. ;)

YES! I shall mix it with another post, so it is coming up, because I'm writing it at the moment. ^_^


Leauphaun said...

Oops. You guys are right. I googled it and it IS done by him! You are the winnah!!!!
Haha, trust me to google it :P

Sweet :)

DOUBLE OOPS! Epic. OR should I say EPIC??

:) - Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Mr. Google has the answers. ;) I've read very few of Sigmund Brower's books, but Jake does own the Mars Diaries. I haven't read them, though.

Yep. I actually just checked out Isle of Swords from the church library because one, I love the book, and two, I just realized, I'm probably going to my grandma's next week, and I have nothing to read... So, WTB, here I come! Isle of Fire is next... *malicious grin*


Leauphaun said...

Haha, yup :)

The Mars Diaries are good books. Short, and for 'younger' kids, but are great books non-the-less. I still read them!

I still haven't picked up that series, but I mean to!

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Maybe I should try the Mars Diaries some time.

They're extremely good--like all the rest of WTB's books. O_O I love them.