Friday, July 1, 2011



In honor of Canada Day I post the top 5 things that Canada is known for (not in order).

1: The Canada Flag


2: Maple Syrup

Most people know that in Canada you will find maple syrup. Yes it does come from Maple tree sap, and no, we don't drink it straight from the tree. We have to do a bunch of steps to achieve this wonderful stuff.

3: Hockey 

Though it isn't our Nation sport, it should be.
Canadian hockey fans are the best, we know the sport and no matter what happens, Canada cheers for hockey. I, who dislike the Vancouver Canucks, ended up cheering for them this past playoffs because they are Canadian. That's what I'm talking about....

And haha, I didn't even notice that the logo on the 'ice' is the Tampa Bay Lightning. They're definitely not Canadian. Lol, but it was the biggest, clearest picture...

4: Beavers

 These little critters (well, not so little) are our wonderful, wood-eating, creatures. Unfortunately there are less than there should be, but eh. God knows how many there are and how many there will be. No need to be worried about 'em.

5: Banff Springs Hotel

 This wonderful building nestled in the Rockie Mountains is the most famous hotel in Canada. I have had the privilege to visit it and even stay in it... it's an AMAZING building.

5: Moose

There was this one person who, at a Canadian help desk, asked, "At what elevation do Elk turn into Moose?". They were dead serious.
A common Canadian fact is that Moose can swim really well and eat river grass.

Yes, we do live under snow 6 or more months of the year - No, we don't have polar bears just roaming around.
Yes, we do go to school when the weather is -40 degrees below (Celsius) - No, we don't use reindeer to pull our sleighs. That's what the polar bears are for :) jk
Yes, we can grow things, such as peaches, cherries, apples, anythings that can grown in garden - But, No, we don't all live on the farm :)

PS: None of these pictures are my own, and I do not claim any copyright to any of them.

Happy Canada day - Leauphaun


Vrenith said...

The flag is quite nice. :) I love the colors.

Maple Syrup... yum. There is a nice, long process for making that, like you said, but in the end, its really good...

Hockey. ^_^ I knew that'd be up there. :D

Beavers look... intelligent. XD Beavers are nice. And sometimes big. Nice picture by the way. Is it your own or was it found on the internet?

I've never heard of that hotel (probably because I never keep up with the news or anything like that...) but I think The Rockies are where we went in Colorado. :) They're a pretty long chain.

MOOSE! I love moose. We saw one in the lake we went to in Canada in Thunder Bay once. :) Methinks we got a picture...

Manny said...


Jake said...

What I notice, is that 90% of Canada's people live within X (I forgot the number) of the US border. ;)

INVASION! *hides*

Leauphaun said...

@ Vrenith
=D You probably went to the Rockies. They seem to be everywhere...>_>

@ Manny

@ Jake
Yup! Except for those on the praries....The Briti-..CANADIANS ARE COMMING!! :) lol

- Leauphaun

Ellewyn said...

How did I not know you were from Canada?!?!?! I'm from Canada, too!!!!!! Of course, you probably don't really know who I am... have we met on the Underground? If not, I'm Lady Ellewyn, but you already knew that from my user name on the comment here...ANYWAYS, I looove your blogs!! And yes, because this comment is on a post that was made almost a year know I'm probably stalking your blog O_o But that's not at all creepy!! ...Right? Right?! Right, people?!!! STALKING PEOPLE IS NOT CREEPY, OKAY?!?!!?!??!!?!!!?!!!!!!!! Anyways, now that I have that out of my system...good heavens, this is as long as one of my blog posts....... YOU'RE A WONDERFUL ARTIST, LEAUPHAUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! There, now my comment has some kind of meaning..... Have a good day and a good life filled with wonderful blessings!! There!! --Ellewyn the Random

Leauphaun said...

'Tis very nice to meet you, Lady Ellewyn! :)
Really?? Cool!! Canada is awesome! A little cold, but awesome.
No, I'm not on the Underground.
Aww, thank you!! Haha, no I don't think it's stalking (I do the same thing when I check out a new blog ;)

Thank ye for thy nice comment, Lady Ellewyn! Have a nice day yourself, and God Bless!!

- Leauphaun