Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pizza Party + Manafest Concert: 2011


Yes, fellow Elves, Dwarves, Other People and Ninja.
Eldra, Goose, a friend of Gooses' and I, had a pizza party. With Manafest!
Ok, ok, maybe I should start at the beginning.
Saturday evening I randomly checked Manafest's tour dates to see when he was going to be playing nearest to where I live. To my utter astonishment I look to see that in 3 days he was going to be in MY CITY. Where I live it is more unusual to have bigger bands come, but the occasional band will drop in.
So I checked for the price of tickets, but couldn't find any prices on the website. My mom ended up calling the church and asking for more information. She found out that it was not only a Manafest concert, but a pizza party also. The deal? It was only $5 (per person) for the entire thing!!

Eldra and I decided to surprise our brother with the concert. We told him he was going for a haircut (which he HATES to get) and he was pretty disappointed. But that morning we dragged him to his room and turned on the video cameras. He was nervous at first when we cornered him and started filming him. We told him that he was no longer going for a haircut but going to a pizza party, to which he raised an eyebrow and said nonchalantly, 'cool'...with Manafest. His eyes bugged out for a second, than he got a disbelieving look on his face. He didn't think that we were telling the truth. We had to get our mom to confirm it before he actually got excited. :) I guess the jokes on us, eh Eldra??

Tuesday = Concert day :)

We arrive at the church and see that not even 100 people were going to be attending the concert. That means...mosh-pit!!! There wasn't even enough people for a legit mosh-pit, but it was still awesome :)

When the band came out the audience couldn't have been more awkward!! Half of the crowd didn't know whether to clap or cheer, or just be quiet when the Travis (the drummer) and Bodan (The guitarist) came out. It wasn't until Manafest came out that the cheering was loud. Totally awkward!!! :P

Manafest had some funny lines throughout the evening. I'm sure that, for those of you who have seen him on this tour, have seen/heard most of the same stuff. Like when he was talking about his Japan tour, he spouted off some words in Japanese which had the crowd in hysterics.
Manafest also had some advice for the guys. Today was him and his wife's 8th wedding anniversary which he had to give up to play for us. His advice?? Happy wife, happy life :)

Since I had already seen Manafest with this concert setup I could focus on other parts of the concert instead of just him. My favorite part of the concert was, believe it or not, the guitar. I love how the guitar parts sound live in comparison to the studio. I have been wanting to learn to play guitar for quite some time, and this concert just confirmed it. Well, having Bodan (the guitarist) encourage me to pick it up was the ticket ;)

So all-in-all the concert was awesome.

After the concert ended the pizza was brought out along with the band. Eldra treated me to a Manafest T-shirt so that we could get the band's signatures. THANKS ELDRA!!!!!!
I ended up showing Manafest this drawing, which he signed for me :)

Something funny happened. When I showed Chris the drawing of him he remembered me from YC Alberta 2010, and told me that other people had seen my drawing and done their own versions from it. I was bumfuzzled!!!!!! I had no idea that my drawing had that sort of an impact on other artists.

Like Eldra said in her post, we (Eldra, Goose our friend and I) were waiting outside for my mom and dad to pick us up when Chris came around with the band trailer to load the equipment up. He honked his horn at us and waved. We waved back and I hollered at him "Don't crash the van!" (he crashed the trailer before ).
He rolled down his window and said to us, jokingly, "Want to come on tour with me?"
Goose replied with "ROAD TRIP, ROAD TRIP!" while the rest of us cheered.

I ended up getting pictures of Bodan and Travis to draw, so look out for those soon!!!!!
*sighs happily*

I know that that wasn't the most well written post ever, but I'm so excited!!! I'm sorry :3

Signed with a blueberry - Leauphaun

Friday, July 22, 2011

Two Opeinings

I have done two openings in the past 3 weeks. Both being TRON: Legacy; one is a 20 second opening from a song by Chord of 3, and the other tobyMac. The first one is Parasite by Chord of 3.

To make the videos in high resolution click play than pause the video. Go to where it says 320, scroll over it and click on the 720 to get HD playback

This on is Catchafire (White Rabbit Remix (yes, yes I know. White Rabbit Remix)). My most recent video.

I would also like to say that, on my YouTube channel, my video Hero (Legion of Doom Remix) has gotten 1,250 views!!! This is huge for me because I never thought that one of my videos would have this many views in just a short 2 months! Thank you all for viewing it!!!!!
Signed with Pepper - Leauphaun

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Five Questions On Your Reading

The 'Five questions on your reading' Tag!!!
Created by Ryebrynn

Question One: How many average books do you read in one day?
Between 1-3, but it depends on what the page range of the 'book'

Question Two: What are your Favorite books?
The Door Within books

Question Three: What is your Favorite author?
 Wayne Thoman Battson (WTB), and Sigmund Brower

Question Four: Do you like Non-fiction or fiction?
Both, but I like way more fiction than non-fiction

Question Five: Do you quote quotes from the books you read?
FOOL OF A TOOK!! Of course, my precious. Of course, my love

I now pass this tag on to anyone who wants to take this tag on!

Signed with fairy dust - Leauphaun

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


(Am I the only one who, when reads all capitalized text, thinks of the words being shouted???)


WHAT IS IT, you ask.




Paper shredder?



My Wacom Tablet!!!!!!!!! Can anyone tell I'm excited?!?!?

(If you have seen TRON: Legacy, think of Kevin Flynn singing it)
Yes, my Wacom tablet had finally arrived!!!

I have been waiting for this for over a year now, and I finally decide to purchase it.
10 days ago I randomly checked to see if this tablet was on sale. I sometimes check online stores to see if they have any products on sale. Well, Amazon had this on on sale. How much was reduced? Almost $200!! I almost fell out of my chair in surprise. Of course I bought it. Than came the 9 day wait. Today is the day it arrived, and I'm so excited!!!!!

Signed with a mousetrap - Leauphaun

Friday, July 1, 2011



In honor of Canada Day I post the top 5 things that Canada is known for (not in order).

1: The Canada Flag


2: Maple Syrup

Most people know that in Canada you will find maple syrup. Yes it does come from Maple tree sap, and no, we don't drink it straight from the tree. We have to do a bunch of steps to achieve this wonderful stuff.

3: Hockey 

Though it isn't our Nation sport, it should be.
Canadian hockey fans are the best, we know the sport and no matter what happens, Canada cheers for hockey. I, who dislike the Vancouver Canucks, ended up cheering for them this past playoffs because they are Canadian. That's what I'm talking about....

And haha, I didn't even notice that the logo on the 'ice' is the Tampa Bay Lightning. They're definitely not Canadian. Lol, but it was the biggest, clearest picture...

4: Beavers

 These little critters (well, not so little) are our wonderful, wood-eating, creatures. Unfortunately there are less than there should be, but eh. God knows how many there are and how many there will be. No need to be worried about 'em.

5: Banff Springs Hotel

 This wonderful building nestled in the Rockie Mountains is the most famous hotel in Canada. I have had the privilege to visit it and even stay in it... it's an AMAZING building.

5: Moose

There was this one person who, at a Canadian help desk, asked, "At what elevation do Elk turn into Moose?". They were dead serious.
A common Canadian fact is that Moose can swim really well and eat river grass.

Yes, we do live under snow 6 or more months of the year - No, we don't have polar bears just roaming around.
Yes, we do go to school when the weather is -40 degrees below (Celsius) - No, we don't use reindeer to pull our sleighs. That's what the polar bears are for :) jk
Yes, we can grow things, such as peaches, cherries, apples, anythings that can grown in garden - But, No, we don't all live on the farm :)

PS: None of these pictures are my own, and I do not claim any copyright to any of them.

Happy Canada day - Leauphaun