Monday, June 27, 2011

My Best Piece of Work Yet??? It Would Have Been

Hello Elves, Dwarves Other People and Ninja. I hail to you from the realm of Hockey.
For those of you who follow the wonderful sport, will know that Vancouver went to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals against Boston. Unfortunately they lost 4-0.
Before game 7 I had drawn Kevin Bieksa* in hopes that I could sell Vancouver artwork, since I am near the area. I decided to do a digital version of this drawing using the colors of the original picture.

My drawing
Original Picture (Copyright to Getty Images for this photo)
I took different screen-caps as I was going along so you can see my progress. Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Stage 1 ^                                          Stage 2 ^

Stage 3 ^                                      Stage 4 ^

Stage 5 ^                                          Stage 6 ^

Stage 7 ^                                           Stage 8 ^

 Stage 9 ^                                          Stage 10 ^

Stage 11 ^ Completed, minus the facial hair (including eyebrows) and the detail in the jersey -little holes and lines that make the fabric breathable.
But as you can see it didn't work out quite as I had planed. Don't get me wrong, I love how it turned out but it just doesn't feel like Bieksa*. *Sighs* I would have been my best piece ever
Although I still have my favorite parts. His helmet is my second favorite part, but his ear. Oh, his ear, is my absolute favorite part!! Aka, Stage 6.
I used the eyedropper tool to acquire the color from the original picture, than used the paintbrush to paint the color on a clear layer that was overlaying my drawing. It was so that I had an outline to follow. Than every little color change I had to repeat the steps until I got all the colors in place. Than I smudged it and it was all good to go. It took me days to complete, but that is only working on it for a few hours a day.
* -  Bieksa (Bee-x-ah)
Signed with a Vuvuzeal - Leauphaun

Saturday, June 25, 2011

One Week Of No Blogging - Things Pile Up

Sorry y'all for not being around.
The day after my birthday (last Friday) something came up in our family and I, along with Eldra and Goose, got banned off of electronics for a week. I won't go into details but lets just say that it wasn't pretty.
All that aside I am back on and will not be absent any longer!

MANY things have happened in this past week. I'll go in order of the days.
Saturday: We went to my 'extended' family's house for their grandma's birthday party, in which there was way to much food. Cheese cake included. Hung out with a couple of my friends on their dock. Very amusing. Than went out for Vietnamese for my belated birthday supper.
Sunday: Fathers day. We went to my dads', mom and dad's place for Fathers Day lunch (home made pizza) along with my uncle and a friend of his. Oh yeah and my Grandpa.
Monday: It was hot. Really HOT, but instead of going to the beach we cleaned off our entire deck, which had acquired quite the collection of leaves/seeds from the trees in our backyard, not to mention dirt. We cleaned it all out in about 3 hours, than weeded for the remaining hours of the evening.
Tuesday: I don't really remember what happened. Honestly.
Wednesday: Didn't do anything terribly exciting, until our prayer group came over that evening.
Thursday: Went to the beach for the first time this year!!!! And it was COLD! I mean not even just the water, but the air was cold! My best friend (whom I have known since before I was born. Yes it can be possible) waded in the water and such. Our brothers, Goose and my friends brother, went all out in the water, but ended up getting frozen. They, instead, decided to dig out a small pool in the sand. No, a pool is the wrong word. A hot tub in the sand. The water, in comparison, was hot compared to the water in the lake. My friend and I both got burned because the air was still so cold that you could be laying in the sun but not get hot, because the air still gave you goose bumps. At least the burn had left and only added to my growing tan.
Friday: A really boring day. NOT! It has to have been the strangest day this year. First thing is My mom had a dream that ended up being reality. She had a dream, than when my dad turned on the radio/the computer, what she had dreamed was identical, to the note, what was being said that day! Talk about God talking to people!

The second thing.
Eldra, Goose and I had to go to the library. Not that unusual, eh? Well Goose and I were walking towards the entrance door; Eldra a little ways behind us. There were vehicles parked in front so we moved to go in between the vehicles. I was about three feet away from the back of a vehicle when this guy suddenly runs in the space between me and the vehicle. I had to stop suddenly or be run over. All three of us watch as this guy runs as fast as he can, weaving through cars. Thinking that it was weird, we get our stuff and leave the library. As we are driving past a gas station we notice a police car stopped in front of us waiting for the light to go green. There, at the gas station, is a guy in a red shirt handcuffed and standing beside two police men. The guy that ran in front of me must have been the manager, or something, of the station and that was why he ran so fast.
Ready to hear about the third thing?
So my brother went to a birthday party, in which they went swimming in the lake. My mom go to pick him up and as they are coming home they see this orange, two-toned Lamborghini Gallardo* sitting at this store. My dad and Goose, being super sport car junkies, have to stop and take a look. My dad started talking to the guy who own's it. Goose, admiring the car, is told by the owner to sit in it. "Ah, sorry, but I'm wet from swimming" he says but the owner insists. "Get in, get in, I'm cleaning the interior tomorrow anyway". So Goose gets to sit in this orange Lambo. The weird part? The guy acquired the car from a rich partial friend of his for...guess how much money? Well the average price range for a Gallardo* can be between $150,000, to $300,000.
This guy bought this for a toonie!!!!!! Two bucks is all it cost him to acquire this hot car. Well he had to put $10,000 into it after that, but still. 10,000 compared to 300,000 is quite the deal!

Talk about a weird day!

That is all I can blog for now, so TTFN

* Gallardo (Gee-are-dough) (G as in Geese)
Signed with a steak - Leauphaun

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fasting...Week 2

Hello Elves, Dwarves, other People and Ninja.
Some of you may be surprised to see me back a week early. Well I decided to cut the reading fast short 1 week because this next week is a Daniel Fast. For those of you who don't know what a Daniel fast is, it is a fast where you cut out Sweets, Treats and Meats. That means that you can only have rice, veggies, fruits and stuff like that. It isn't that hard. But I know it would be if I had to cut out reading, and since the reading part is optional I decided to stop that at 1 week.
So, what have I heard this past week, you wonder? Well I kind of wonder myself. My pastor said that on a fast you won't always hear Him 'loud and clear'. Sometimes almost nothing changes, it all depends. For me I think that God has led me to have more of a thirst for reading the Bible. That and also more of a love for Worship music. I wasn't really into worship, but now I will listen to it on my own time, not just in church. It's so calming and peaceful, worship music is.

But as for week 2 I am excited to seeing what the Holy Spirit has in store for me =)

I am back to blogging people!

Signed with a Sneed - Leauphaun

(sneed is from Dr. Seuss)