Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I need HELP!

Yes People of Center-Earth, HELP!

As you all know Goose, Eldra and I did a video about ninja(s). Everyone loved it so I decided to make a sequel. The only problem is that Goose is being stubborn and needs proof that you wonderful people want to see it. Please comment and tell Goose that he is awesome and want another video.
If you haven't see it, go and check it out here

Signed with a dry board - Leauphaun


Vrenith said...

GOOSE!!! You HAVE to make another. I really liked it, and the voices were epic! PLEEEASE??

I really hope ya'll make another! The first one was hilarious. "I'm very conscious about my forehead." And mangoes... BRILLIANT.

With extra, extra (going on extras)prodding,

Jake said...

Written as clouds cover the sun. Lightning streaks across the sky, and thunder rumbles like a leviathan of the air.



This is Jake calling. Ring ring, Earth-to-Goose. The world needs you.

To quote this post, "You are awesome and you NEED TO MAKE ANOTHER VIDEO."

The world depends on you. The mangoes depend on you. You MUST do this, regardless of your self-consciousness about your forehead.

The storm is about to break. Do not be hindered! Do not fear! Be valiant and strong! Be...NINJA! The world has need of thee!

Jake of the Sadaar

Anonymous said...


Welcome all this is Goose speeking to you from rabit "HQ" I only have a few moments to tell you personaly that a sequel to your video is comming within the next few day =} It will also... UGGGG carrots........