Monday, April 4, 2011


Check out Eldra's post on who the winners are or if you have just come from there than don't go back. Well go back meaning don't go there to see...oh never mind :) You get what I mean...I hope

I know, kinda of a let down as you were expecting me to announce the winners :) MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA -_- It is not so...

But I personally want to thank all of you who entered into the contest. It has been quite a month, adding up the votes and such. I thank ye.
Now here comes the hard part. You (the winners, even thought you don't know if you have won yet or not) have to decide on what you want me to draw!
Unlike last time, I will be quicker to get you're pieces done.
Last contest it took me quite a long time to complete Whisper's winning piece. It was of two full bodied people, of a woman with a rapier standing over a ranger girl with her sword point resting on the ranger-girl's neck. It took me a long time because I am quite terrible at doing full bodied people. The drawing I created from a section of a story she and her friends wrote (If I am correct). A wonderful description that she gave me, but I was at fault. But I have learned since then.
So if it is possible, please no full bodied people for me to draw unless there is nothing else you want done. It will probably take me quite a while for me to get it done if that is what you want.
I am sorry to say that I will not be sending the original pieces to you. For the moment it is out of my budget range. That may change but for the moment it is not so.

Again, thanks for entering and I am looking forward to getting you're ideas.

Chuck Norris saying of the week - Chuck Norris flosses with barbed wire

Signed with a dying iPod - Leauphaun


Vrenith said...

Ooh! Yes. So we email Eldra (if I read her post correctly) or she emails us, and THEN we ask for what we want done?

*grins* I'll try to keep it simple. :D And I'm not too good at people, period.


Leauphaun said...

Yup, as simple as that :)
Hehe, simple but not TOO simple. Considering what your brother gave me last time I'm sure you will have no problem finding something. SO EXCITED!

You're welcome :)