Monday, April 18, 2011

The Stylish Award/Tag

Eldra on her blog A Day on Daremo tagged me with the Stylish Blogger award. I thank ye Eldra :) But there are some things I have to do to 'offically receive it'. First...

1. Thank the person who awarded me!
Uhh, see the top of the post. JK. Thanks Eldra!

2. Write seven thins about myself.

- I enjoy snowboarding but don't like winter. Love summer but don't like the heat (meaning over 30 degrees Celsius)

- I am the only person in my family who is a middle child. My mom and dad are both oldest in their family's. Eldra is the oldest female and the oldest of three and Goose is the oldest - and only - male. That makes ME the only middle child!

- I am a hockey fan. The Calgary Flames ALL THE WAY! Pittsburgh Penguins ar tied with Calgary for my favorite team though. Teams like Vancouver Knuckle Heads, Detroit Lame Wings, and Toronto Fail Leafs are all in my worst team box. Don't get me started on Vancouver though...:)
- I want to try surfing even if I'm not an athletic person

- I am a Hoodie, T-shirt and Jeans type girl. But if I had places to wear them, I would LOVE to wear really fancy dresses! Super fancy or Casual :)

- I have ALWAYS wanted to fly. Just jump off of the ground and soar with the birds...or Pegasus..or dragons...

- I have never flown in an Airplane

3. I must pass it on to seven blogger

4. I must tell them.
I pass this award along to...


I know some or most of you have already been tagged but I have only seven followers on this blog so I have to tag ALL of you.

Signed with a grape - Leauphaun


Creative Artist said...

Ah, I've been tagged with this twice in the last week! I need to do it!!

Thanks, Leauphaun! Hopefully I'll do it REALLY soon. :D

I know the middle child thing... Jake's the oldest male, Manny's the oldest female, and Ry is the youngest, so I'm the middle child. O_O And also my parents are both the youngest. :P

Love T-shirts and jeans, though I don't usually wear hoodies. Sometimes jackets, and I like jean jackets because they're nice and luckily they don't make me look... uh... hm. I don't have a word for it. XD

Flying... *jolts self from dream*

Never flown on one either. I'm with you there.

Awesome post!


Leauphaun said...

Your welcome Vrenith! :)
Wow, that must be fun, not to mention crazy living with 3 other siblings! Always an adventure :)

Haha, yup. Hoodies are my FAVORITE thing to wear over top. I think I have 6 or 7 hoodies in total. But some are thinner and some are winter ones.

Yup never flown. Most people are like 'YOU'VE NEVER FLOWN?' lol

Thank you =)
GB! - Leauphaun

Creative Artist said...

Yep. :D Agreed.

That's like me and T-Shirts! I've got way too many of them--except to me, its not too many. XD

I know. Manny and Jake have, but Ry and I haven't. :)