Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Second day at the Collage

Hiya :)
Well, the second day wasn't nearly as interesting as the day before but still worth it. We jumped in at 9:10 am with starting the background for our main picture. My teacher gave us a cathedral for the main picture, and some vines and rocks to add to it.

The Vines

The rocks

The Cathedral

We then had to take the roof out - like a huge rock smashed into the building, add vines around the pillars, add a sky behind the opening in the roof, add rocks & grass the the floor,add light rays into the building, and texture to the pillars. Even take out chunks of rock from the pillars.
All the students did something different, but this is what I did with the teaching

I still have to add more vines, as well as more texture to the pillars, but other than that I'm done.

The only thing I don't like about the class is that it is called Zombie Compositing. I am not happy with the theme of the class, but it was the only one that I was able to get into. What we, as students, have to do is take a picture of our self and digitally change ourselves into zombies. ICK! =( Not what I want to do at all! So when I got my picture to edit I asked if I could make myself into a rock/wood/something else creature. The answer (to my relief) was yes. But the down side is that I am not following what my teacher is doing. That means that I am attempting to create something all by myself :( Sigh, I'll figure out what I want to be :) lol

Signed with frozen hot chocolate - Leauphaun


Vrenith said...

Urgh, I am SURE I would not like to be a zombie. Totally bad.

Love the Cathedral! Or should I say castle ruins or something like that?? :)

Good luck on the picture of 'yourself'! I know that it'll be awesome.

Leauphaun said...

Uggh tell me about it (the zombie thing)

Yeah, it almost is a castle type of thingy.
I thank ye =D
I SO wish I could post it and I just might. I don't know..probably not, but...

GB!! - Leauphaun