Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Forth and Final Day - The Bitter Sweet End

*SIGHS* What a relief! My 4 day training is COMPLETE.
I am glad because it means that I won't have to be awake for 15+ hours everyday, but sad because this has been the best, and fun, course I have ever taken. :'(
I am sad to say goodbye to the people that I have gotten to know...It has been a good time.
AH *coughs* now that I've gotten that over with, I can now show you what I have been working on.

It was my grandmothers birthday sometime this last week. So I made the front of the birthday card. Unfortunate we ended up not using it due to the fact that we didn't have any card stock or tape :/ Oh well :)

MORE desktop designs. This is the main attraction for the last two designs. This design was made from -you'll never guess what- a LAVE LAMP! Copy and pasted of course but a lava lamp non-the-less

You'll never guess what these two designs are made of ??

So? Did you figure it out?

A TULIP! These designs were made from one tulip (top one color changed to blue)
I really love making these designs :)
This is something we started on on the first day, but didn't take it home. It is supposed to be a planet but I didn't hear part of the class so I missed how to finish it. Oops  o_O

And last but not least (wow, did I just use a cliche saying?) THIS!
Oh, I had better explain before I show you.
As I explained in my last post, the theme of our course was Zombie Compositing. Ugh. But our other option was to do a Terminator style face. Obviously I chose that one. We had to take a picture of ourselves and add metal to our face; make ourselves part machine.
I though it looked way to cool to deprive you guys from the picture, but I have edited the picture to be posted on my blog. I have added black to my face everywhere but the metal and my other eye. It still looks really cool, but remember, this is not how the finished product looks :)

So this is how it looks.
I will start explaining from the bottom up. Remember, this is all digital. Except my face.

The lines on my neck are steel wires. The shiny part on my chin is a flat piece of brushed metal, bended to fit around my face. The three gears are all parts from cars. The shiny metal that is my cheek bone/surrounds my eye is from a previously digitized skull. Same for the other piece of metal surrounding my other eye.
The piece of metal that is on my temple area is the same picture as the one on my chin, but it has a opace layer of shattered glass laid over it. Another, but different, piece of brushed metal is the shiny part on my forehead. And the ridged part of my forehead is from a metal barrel, curved to fit my forehead.
As for my eye, the iris is just an iris from google pictures. The inside is another matter.\The disk surrounding the blue iris is that from a car. Surrounding that disk is another gear. Nearing the corner of my eye is yet another gear, with a bolt ending at the corner of my eye (inside corner). The metal directly surround my eye is hand painted in.

WHEW! *takes deep breath* *exhales* That was fun. I'm glad I'm able to share it with you guys.

Signed with a Wacom Tablet - Leauphaun


Vrenith said...

Love them! A tulip? I don't think I'd have guessed... It looks amazing!

Keep up the good work,

Leauphaun said...

Glad you enjoy them. Unfortunally I don't own the program that has the capibilities of making such things.

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

OH!! I just realized something. The first 'tulip' picture looks like the rose/tulip flower in your birthday picture! Sorry, random thought. :)

Leauphaun said...

WOW! It totally does! Hahaha, clever of you to see that :)