Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Forth and Final Day - The Bitter Sweet End

*SIGHS* What a relief! My 4 day training is COMPLETE.
I am glad because it means that I won't have to be awake for 15+ hours everyday, but sad because this has been the best, and fun, course I have ever taken. :'(
I am sad to say goodbye to the people that I have gotten to know...It has been a good time.
AH *coughs* now that I've gotten that over with, I can now show you what I have been working on.

It was my grandmothers birthday sometime this last week. So I made the front of the birthday card. Unfortunate we ended up not using it due to the fact that we didn't have any card stock or tape :/ Oh well :)

MORE desktop designs. This is the main attraction for the last two designs. This design was made from -you'll never guess what- a LAVE LAMP! Copy and pasted of course but a lava lamp non-the-less

You'll never guess what these two designs are made of ??

So? Did you figure it out?

A TULIP! These designs were made from one tulip (top one color changed to blue)
I really love making these designs :)
This is something we started on on the first day, but didn't take it home. It is supposed to be a planet but I didn't hear part of the class so I missed how to finish it. Oops  o_O

And last but not least (wow, did I just use a cliche saying?) THIS!
Oh, I had better explain before I show you.
As I explained in my last post, the theme of our course was Zombie Compositing. Ugh. But our other option was to do a Terminator style face. Obviously I chose that one. We had to take a picture of ourselves and add metal to our face; make ourselves part machine.
I though it looked way to cool to deprive you guys from the picture, but I have edited the picture to be posted on my blog. I have added black to my face everywhere but the metal and my other eye. It still looks really cool, but remember, this is not how the finished product looks :)

So this is how it looks.
I will start explaining from the bottom up. Remember, this is all digital. Except my face.

The lines on my neck are steel wires. The shiny part on my chin is a flat piece of brushed metal, bended to fit around my face. The three gears are all parts from cars. The shiny metal that is my cheek bone/surrounds my eye is from a previously digitized skull. Same for the other piece of metal surrounding my other eye.
The piece of metal that is on my temple area is the same picture as the one on my chin, but it has a opace layer of shattered glass laid over it. Another, but different, piece of brushed metal is the shiny part on my forehead. And the ridged part of my forehead is from a metal barrel, curved to fit my forehead.
As for my eye, the iris is just an iris from google pictures. The inside is another matter.\The disk surrounding the blue iris is that from a car. Surrounding that disk is another gear. Nearing the corner of my eye is yet another gear, with a bolt ending at the corner of my eye (inside corner). The metal directly surround my eye is hand painted in.

WHEW! *takes deep breath* *exhales* That was fun. I'm glad I'm able to share it with you guys.

Signed with a Wacom Tablet - Leauphaun

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Third is a Charm...Not that I believe that

 They say that the third is a charm...not that I believe that, of course. But today-being my third day at the collage- had to have been the most productive day. We started out working on our main picture...boring in my opinion. But right before lunch we did something interesting. Desktop backgrounds. Have you ever seen those swirly background designs? If so then you know what I'm talking about
Here is my second design (least favorite of the two)

This one is my favorite
Unfortunally I have not more time to post anything :(

Signed with a buttered bun - Leauphaun

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Second day at the Collage

Hiya :)
Well, the second day wasn't nearly as interesting as the day before but still worth it. We jumped in at 9:10 am with starting the background for our main picture. My teacher gave us a cathedral for the main picture, and some vines and rocks to add to it.

The Vines

The rocks

The Cathedral

We then had to take the roof out - like a huge rock smashed into the building, add vines around the pillars, add a sky behind the opening in the roof, add rocks & grass the the floor,add light rays into the building, and texture to the pillars. Even take out chunks of rock from the pillars.
All the students did something different, but this is what I did with the teaching

I still have to add more vines, as well as more texture to the pillars, but other than that I'm done.

The only thing I don't like about the class is that it is called Zombie Compositing. I am not happy with the theme of the class, but it was the only one that I was able to get into. What we, as students, have to do is take a picture of our self and digitally change ourselves into zombies. ICK! =( Not what I want to do at all! So when I got my picture to edit I asked if I could make myself into a rock/wood/something else creature. The answer (to my relief) was yes. But the down side is that I am not following what my teacher is doing. That means that I am attempting to create something all by myself :( Sigh, I'll figure out what I want to be :) lol

Signed with frozen hot chocolate - Leauphaun

Monday, March 28, 2011

Well, Well, Well...

Well the first day of the course has been TOTALLY AND AWESOMELY FUN! :)
Hehe =)

What I am learning is how to manipulate photos using Photoshop CS5. Here is the first picture we did (my own version)

Our job as students was to use a picture of an empty bowl and take 2 or three different fruit pictures and place it in the bowl. It may sound hard but it is actually really easy to do.
The bowl was one picture and the fruit are different pictures all placed together.
All in all, it took me about an hour and a half (wow, I just said 'all' like three times)

The second thing we were instructed to do was to create our own movie poster. OH, SO FUN!
We had to choose what theme our movie was, actors/actresses who should be in the movie, as well as background and different inanimate objects (well they didn't have to be inanimate, but for mine it was). I decided that my movie theme would depend on the actor who was to be in my poster. So I racked my brain for well known actors. I tried Garret Hedlund who plays Sam Flynn in the new TRON: Legacy movie, but that didn't work out. I then turned to female characters but didn't want to use any that came to my mind. Then one name popped into my head. That name would be Orlando Bloom. And the poster ended up being a pirate themed, but not after the Pirates of the Caribbean. Not. At. All.
Still take a look. I like how it ended up.

So I took the picture of Orlando and made the picture bigger. I then went and found a painting of a ship being tossed in the sea (the background). Then the ship sailing steadily, plus the sword.
With all these different pictures I made my poster.
What is amazing about it is the picture of Orlando was originally grayscale. I added the color that is on him now. The ship on the left-the one sailing calmly-was blue. Like a clear-sunny-sky blue. That I also colored. The swords, to, were changed.
So this is not a real movie poster, though I wish it was :)
I'll post tomorrow's work when I get it done. That is if you guys want me to. Let me know if you want to see what I get completed over the next 3 days.

Signed with a comfy chair - Leauphaun

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going to Collage!

Hi y'all. I am sad, yet very happy, to tell you that I will be busy for the next 4 days as I am taking a 4 day course at a collage near me. Just to let you guys know what I'll be doing so you don't think that I have abandoned you :) Seriously, this next week will be the busiest spring break I will ever have. This is the reason Eldra and I extended the contest to the second (or whenever it ends, I don't know) So if you want to enter do it this week! I'll give you guys a little have to do all the requirements or you won't even make third place, due to some of our faithful followers. So in order to make the contest you will have to do all 9 requirements. If you want to enter here is the link to Eldra's Blog
That is all

Signed with a weary hand - Leauphaun

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lord of the Rings, LORD OF THE RINGS!!!

My brothers' youth is holding a Movie Marathon. The marathon starts at 9:30 AM and goes until 10:00 PM. There is three rooms to choose from: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Disney. It is obvious which move wins hands down. LORD OF THE RINGS DUH! (no offence to the star wars fans). I will not be able to get onto blogger tomorrow/today, so if I don't comment/respond to comments you'll know why.
Sticking with the LOTR theme here, I got a YouTube account. That means you can all now view my music videos that I create (most of them LOTR but some of the, Star Wars or Prince Caspian, and when TRON: Legacy comes out that too) So I thought I'd let you guys have a video that I have created. The song is instrumental so you don't have to worry about lyrics/bands. Here is the link. Or if not here is the video

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Long Time No See

Whew! It has been a long time since I have last blogged on Actually, it's been 15 days since I have last blogged so I felt it was time to do another post.
What have I been doing that takes my time away from blogging, you ask? I could just say that I was captured by purple, pear-shaped amoebas that have tied my hands and feet together, demanding that I take them to my basement to see if it is a watertight room because they want to go swimming and the government won't let them because they don't own any skater shoes...or bird feed. But it hasn't been than interesting :)
No, what has actually been going on is our main computer's storage space has gotten full with my media (video/pictures/everything else that I have), so my dad and I went and got a Seagate External Hard Drive that allows me to transfer all my data from taking up space on the computer to this drive. We went and got a drive that has 1Terra Byte (1,000 Gigga Bytes, 10,000 Mega Bytes and so on) which is a LOT of space. So that means that I have been transferring all my stuff onto this hard drive all week. And in doing so I have ran across some stuff I haven't seen in a looooonnnng time! Like these...but first I'll explain.
My family has a Wii. One of our favorite games, (my sister, Eldra and my brother, Goose/Honk), is Super Smash Bros Brawl. It is a Fighting/Platform game. Correct me if I am wrong as I am terrible at getting the games in the correct genre.

Anyhoo in the game you can take pictures of the screen/characters while you are playing. Sometimes the pictures are quite amusing. Some are laugh-out-loud hilarious! Take a look at some of our favorites (copyright is to Nintendo and Brawl) 

If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops, Oh what a rain that would be!

The head-less Marth and Ike (look! they have no heads!)
Sonic the Hedgehog perfected speed running. He is now board with it as you can see by the sleep bubbles that are around him

Priceless! Rob the robot, wearing bunny ears (yes Jake, BUNNY not rabbit ears...or it could be rabbit ears...uh-oh THEY HAVE TAKEN OVER ROB! IN A VIDEO GAME! THEY ARE HACKERS, CALL THE POLICE, CALL MY MOTHER, CALL GMC, CALL ANYTHING TO GET RID OF THE RABBIT EARS!)

*Coughs* Yeah, I had to put it up here

No comment except LOL
COOKIES are so much fun to bake, not to mention eat! Eldra and I went on a baking spree and made for batches of Chocolate Chip Cookies. Here is the mountain of cookies we made
You can see the size of the plate compared to an oragne pepper. The mountain must have been about 8 inches tall, with the plate being the same width. Mmmmm, yummy...

Signed with a Hockey Stick - Leauphaun