Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OK...so maybe I might....

As the title says....I just might...juuuust might....maybe...GO SEE TRON IN THEATERS!!!


Ok, so maybe my whole family is going as well. That means that my Dad and sister will have seen it twice. TWICE! twice, that is how good it is. And for those of you that really (personally) know me, I do not watch many movies. The most recent "new" thing I have watched is UP: A Pixar movie. And that was 3 days ago. That is how long it took me to actually pick it up. So I am not one to rave about the latest movie. That is why I am so excited about seeing TRON!
Anyhoo... *sighs* that is all the time I have to babble....sorry
Signed with liquid light - Leauphaun

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