Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sour Cream Incident

Family can crack you up!!
So my dads' youngest brother and his family were visiting our place for 4 days, to go skiing. My Uncle and Aunt have a daughter, she being 11, and two sons, one 21 and the other 14. Tonight, we (my Uncle's family and my dads at my grandparents place) had a filling supper of spaghetti and meat balls, with a dessert of Blintze's {see bottom of post}. Before my grandmother brought out the blintze's, she brought out the sour cream and the jams that go with it. She placed the bowl of sour cream on the table and put a spoon in it. My cousin -the 21-year-old- thought the sour cream was a bowl full of whipped cream.
You can guess what happens next! He, being a funny person, thought tis would be fun to sneak a spoon full of whipped cream/sour cream. He grabbed the spoon and took a huge spoon full of the cream and stuffed it in his mouth. As soon as the sour cream touched his tongue he realized his mistake. His face morphed into a sour expression as he swallowed the sour cream. Everyone around him was laughing at his rash move :) hahaha, made my day.

Anyhoo, tis being 11:07, and me being so tired from snowboarding I will sign out
I'll be doing a longer post tomorrow

Signed with a bitter peanut - Leauphaun

Blintze's - Crepes with a cottage cheese-sugar-egg filling, rolled up and baked in the oven. A Russian dessert. Sour cream and jam go on top