Thursday, December 16, 2010


Christmas trees are falling, CHRISTMAS TREES ARE FALLING-HING-ING!!
Crazy as it sounds, tis true.
Last week, my brother, Eldra and I, went over to my aunt & uncle's house to decorate their tree. Tis was a huge tree, almost as fat as it was tall. We decorated it with candle lights (yellow/white) and silver/greenish-bluish ornaments, some fake leaves sprayed with silver sparkles, fake pinecones that had white sprayed tips, and fake branches with plastic glued on to make it look like it rained than froze into little icicles. We spent 4 hours decorating this huge tree, making it look so perfect; not letting one colored ornament hang next to another of the same color.....and it fell down a week later in the middle of the night, upsetting all of our hard work. :(
It was a live tree too, so when it fell, it scattered it's pine needles allllllll over their hardwood floor. My aunt and uncle have two cats, so when the tree fell was sitting under (or near) the tree when it fell. The cat has been so jittery since then, and has been meowing. Poor kitty :/ :)