Monday, December 13, 2010

Contact Lenses & Wet Snow

I will start off this post by saying, I AM SO HAPPY I HAVE CONTACT LENSES!
I just got them today and am thrilled with them. Ok so thrilled isn't the right word but it is the only one I can think of at this moment. Well they make my eyes tired when I have them in too long.

Since most of you will probably think that that is boring, I will move on to a more Christmasy topic. SNOW.

We have almost no snow here where I am, which makes me sad because I am a snowboarder. Well there is almost no snow down here in the valley, but up on the mountains there is tons of snow. In fact, there is a record amount of snow on the base of the mountain. Unfortunately, the snow is thick and sticky, unlike the champagne powder that they usually have. Buuuut, it makes for awesome snowball fights, which is what we had yesterday evening with some friends at our evening church.

I am currently working on a couple of music videos of my Uncle's Lamborghini. I spent two days filming the car and have lots of material to work with [It's his Christmas present, BTW, but don't tell him that ;)] The current video is to the song 'Jingle Bell Rock' by Thousand Foot Krutch. After Christmas I will post both 'Heat Miser' and 'Jingle Bell Rock'

It is 10:08 PM so I have to get working on the music video
Signed with a wet snowball - Leauphaun


Squeaks said...

Contacts are awesome :P I have them too...once you get used to them (takes about a couple months) it feels like you have normal eyes. Waaay better than glasses :P I hate how my glasses always smear and smudge *gags* ick! But then, the issue with contacts is my eyes get dry and sometimes the contacts hurt...but that's not very often. I know when I first started wearing them, I could see the rim of the contact in my vision (can you? lol) but now I don't even notice fact, sometimes I forget I'm wearing them at all.

One big hint: Don't ever wear them to sleep. I did it for a nap once and I woke up feeling as though I'd had sand dumped in my eyes...worst feeling in the world :P

Signed with a squde,


Leauphaun said...

Hahaha, yes I hate it when my glasses smear, ick again! :)
No I can't see the rims of the contacts, but then again these are only a tiral version of them. I need a type that the company doesn't have in stock right now, so they are ordering them in. They just made my eyes sooooo tired after wearing them for 4 hours, which was the limit for that day :P

Thanks for the hint :) That doesn't sound like fun. I'll keep that in mind for I hate sand in my eyes...wait...doesn't everyone hate it?? lol, thanks :)

God Bless!! - Leauphaun