Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 10:08 PM post

Yes, by the name of the post, I am writing this post at...duh-duh-da-DA, 10:08PM!
My sister, Eldra, and I just had a lightsaber duel in our living room. Very fun. It started out as we were testing how we would naturally hold the 'sabers, and then it spiraled off into a duel that ended up in the kitchen. We stopped there, afraid we would hit something because our kitchen isn't very big. But it was fun, none the less. The tacos we had for supper must have had something to do with our inspiration to drag out our 'sabers, have a duel (yelling like ninja all the while, on my part), then go on with our lives like nothing unusual happened. Or it could just be our usually, unusual lives.

Speaking of ninjas, my younger brother (as most of you know as 'Goose') has a talent of honking like a goose. What you may not know is that he can do a very funny, very corny, very LOUD ninja yell. I may have to get it on video for you to get exactly what I mean.

That is all I am going to post for now, because my mom said 'good night', which means it is time for me to turn this computer off and get downstairs.

In the famous words of my sister a few moments ago, 'I feel like a harpsichord', I will sign this post with a harpsichord

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